An Attempt

An attempt to pass along information is always en endevor that not all people would like.  Time and some money is always put into these things and not all of us have both to spare.  I personaly don’t have money but I do have time.  A goal of mine is to provide quality information with as little funding as possible.  Hey there is an idea! Why not tell you how I do this.  Well to start is free to sign up for and is also quite simple to use.  Over time you can improve the design by adding your very own custom CSS design or even add more space.  We all need more space right?  Not everyone you say, good for you.

I do plan on eventually adding more space.  Why you ask? Well I plan on providing media on this site.  Maybe I can even do a weekly podcast that you might enjoy or even despise.  Grant me the time and I will give you information, some you need and don’t need.  A piece of information for you though,  we are all interested in something so if you share with me I would be glad to share with you.  Feel free to send me information and if I choose your post I will post links to your site and or article.


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