D.C. United WIN against NY Red Bulls

What an amazing match tonight. De Ro, who was just recently signed by D.C. United scored against the team he was recently traded from. It has to be AT&T’s goal of the week. It was 61 minutes into the game and you just see an amazing explosion of confidence and skill by De Rosario.

I for one welcome the skill and power De Rosario brings to the club. Let us hope this is a major boost for our D.C. United team as we inch closer to the Atlantic cup.


Diving into VB

Yeah it is a simple language when starting out but it is a robust language and it also introduces you to OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

I really want to understand more about OOP so I figured I will take baby steps and actually take some time each day to learn bit, by bit.  Eventually you will see source code posted and some simple apps.  So keep checking back and you might even catch a tutorial or two.


Emergency Patches for IE

Microsoft has issued patches today for Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.

The flaws in Internet Explorer running on XP, Vista, and 2000 are rated as critical while computer with Windows Server operating systems have a rating of moderate.

Users are advised to patch their machines as soon as possible.

Vulnerable ActiveX controls triggered the IE flaws. The flaws let an attcker run a command or download malware on a vulnerable PC when a user view a malicious webpage.

Source: PCWorld

Microsoft to release critical security patches

Microsoft will issue out-of-band security patches next tuesday according to various tech sites. This is the third time in 25 months that the company has made this kind of action.

The patches will fix Internet Explorer and Visual Studio. The patch for IE is rated is critical while the other is rated as important. “While this release is to address a single, overall issue, in order to provide the broadest protections possible to customers, we’ll be releasing two separate security bulletins,” said a spokesperson of Microsoft.

Both patches need computers to be rebooted after intalling them.

Source: The Register