SIMPLE and Understandable HTML Presentation

"I wonder"

A highly useful YouTube vid containing only the easiest to understand tutorial. To be completely honest, I stuck with this to embed the information into my head.


Microsoft to release critical security patches

Microsoft will issue out-of-band security patches next tuesday according to various tech sites. This is the third time in 25 months that the company has made this kind of action.

The patches will fix Internet Explorer and Visual Studio. The patch for IE is rated is critical while the other is rated as important. “While this release is to address a single, overall issue, in order to provide the broadest protections possible to customers, we’ll be releasing two separate security bulletins,” said a spokesperson of Microsoft.

Both patches need computers to be rebooted after intalling them.

Source: The Register

A generations moment in history

My generation had it’s first defining moment in history, tonight. We took back our country, and put a leader in place that knows what it is like to be a true American. The world watched but I shedded tears. A tear came when I heard President Elect, Barack Obama state the many ethnic backgrounds in the opening of his speech. Obama said the most amazing things to every person in the country. I am glad I could support our new leader by casting my vote.

A demolition occured

While watching the VP debate last night I decided to see the difference in points that CNN political pundits were giving the VP candidates. As I total the points I start to notice something. The thing I noticed was that Joe Biden had taken a lead and not just a small lead but a huge point shattering blow out lead. Is this a sign to look forward to? Shoul I rejoice now? Is change really going to happen?

Well I know one thing, My Vote is going to count.

iPhone Apps

Everyone who currently has an iPhone and uses it regularly is excited about version 2.0 firmware.

With a great increase of developer support it appears that the iPhone is going to not just make a spot for it’s self in the smart-phone group but it appears like that it’s going to make some competitors shudder in fear. The firmware adds the capability to install applications, get and push contacts, bookmarks, email, photos via mobile me and more but the more depends on the developers.  When developers get excited and start developing cutting edge applications that are useful in the workplace but also on a social level, the platform that they are developing for explodes into the market.  Already some people have developed applications that show you resturants near you by shaking your phone and a guy who doesn’t even own an iPhone made an application that can control a robot that is used for tactical deployment/SWAT use.

Apple Updates

Snow-Leopard Confirmed

Exchange support out of the box – push email / contacts / calendars, auto-discovery, global address book, remote wipe.

Movie just played showing enterprise development

Scott Forestell is going deep into firmware 2.0 for the iPhone

Super Monky Ball will be available in App Store for $9.99

Developers talking at WWDC are all stating current projects will be available at the announcement of App Store for the iPhone