SIMPLE and Understandable HTML Presentation

"I wonder"

A highly useful YouTube vid containing only the easiest to understand tutorial. To be completely honest, I stuck with this to embed the information into my head.


A generations moment in history

My generation had it’s first defining moment in history, tonight. We took back our country, and put a leader in place that knows what it is like to be a true American. The world watched but I shedded tears. A tear came when I heard President Elect, Barack Obama state the many ethnic backgrounds in the opening of his speech. Obama said the most amazing things to every person in the country. I am glad I could support our new leader by casting my vote.

Has anyone made this? (Face Capture For Your Images)

I have a ton of pictures that have anywhere from 1 person to hundreds of people in them.  What I thought would be very cool to have as a utility, software that can scan your pictures and select the faces out of them and take a snap shot of the face so you can then do an analysis of what the average expression or mood a person is giving. 

\"I wonder\"

Thinking more about this is actually making me want to learn how to program.  I mean how cool would it be if you can figure out what your friends or family members average mood is by the facial expression you capture in an image.  Eventually you can use this type of software to do statistical studies of large groups and even kiosks or advertisements.

Green Day Renamed?

Green Day as Foxboro Hot Tubs

As I was poking around iTunes I came across a familiar voice.  Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, with a unique sound, blared through the speakers as the lyrics bounced along to a familiar beat.  I ended up digging through Google and found out that Green Day renamed themselves to Foxboro Hot Tubs.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the sound was powerful and crunchy with melodic choruses.  A fresh sound I must say even after the band has created hundreds of songs and done tons of covers. The band currently has a couple of albums on iTunes and if you like punk or Green Day I would suggest you give it a listen.  Apparently the reason for the name change is so that they could play small venues, aka local bars.

What will happen when iPhone 2.o is released?

  • Girls will take off their tops to get you to take a pic so you will show them your iPhone 2.o.
  • Amazing hacks will be released for spying on your friends via the front facing camera.

(You will be watching the side of a friends/persons face.)

  • Gizmodo will find a way to use the iPhone 2.o for another way to turn off screens during a major tech convention.
  • A website will be launched for virtual video conferencing via Twitter but with your mug talking and no one can shut you up.
  • A new iVibe will be released to have a camera on it
  • Steve Jobs will have another accomplishment bronzed for his shrine
  • Airlines will kick another passenger off a plane durring flight this time even though the new iPhone will be in Airplane mode
  • Random lines will never stop existing at the Apple Cube in NY

Worlds Largest Horns (Steer Horns, That is)

This is Lurch, the proud bearer of the world’s largest horns. Lurch is a Watusi bull living in an Animal shelter, whose horns measure 92.25 cm and weigh more than 100 pounds each. He’s quite the attraction in his home state and he’s favorite pass-time is acting as bodyguard for a crippled horse that’s being harassed by fellow horses. He looks amazing doesn’t he?











Found @ Odditycentral

Free Pot For Flight Passenger

Tokyo CustomsCustoms in Tokyo decided to go against regulation and use a passengers bag, instead of using a regulation bag for the training exercise.  The unfortunate event of an agent with a forgetful brain and a dog who did not use his nose, left one either lucky or unlucky passenger with 142g of marijuana.

“The dogs have always been able to find it before… I became overconfident that it would work,” he said.

“This case was extremely regrettable. I would like to deeply apologise,” said Narita International Airport’s customs head Manpei Tanaka.

Anyone finding the package has been asked to contact customs officials.

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