Oil hit $135 today

Oil on water

Oil took the highest rate hike ever today and there seems to be no stopping it. Today a report came out stating that there is a supply drop happening.  With the price for gas hitting the $4.00 mark in some places, it seems that there is just no stopping what seems to be an endless hand in our pockets.  We as consumers are highly to blame.  I know you don’t like to skimp out on driving to your local drive through Starbucks but please people stop and think what is happening to our economy.  We are paying for damn near everything at such a high price because we are demanding so much.  I would like to let you know that over 2,000,000 plastic bottles are consumed per day.  Do you know what that is going to do for our environment?  What it is doing now?  That same simple minded mentality is driving our country to become poor. 

Just too much consumerism is happening and we can simply change it by demanding better and being smarter about what we do that effects our economy and environment.  Crude oil prices started surging after the dollar lost its true value.  Now a report is telling us that we are down more than 3 million barrels of crude oil that we have as surplus.  So there you go a double whammy.

Please let us help each other out and be more conscious when we drive/consume.