Green Day Renamed?

Green Day as Foxboro Hot Tubs

As I was poking around iTunes I came across a familiar voice.  Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, with a unique sound, blared through the speakers as the lyrics bounced along to a familiar beat.  I ended up digging through Google and found out that Green Day renamed themselves to Foxboro Hot Tubs.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the sound was powerful and crunchy with melodic choruses.  A fresh sound I must say even after the band has created hundreds of songs and done tons of covers. The band currently has a couple of albums on iTunes and if you like punk or Green Day I would suggest you give it a listen.  Apparently the reason for the name change is so that they could play small venues, aka local bars.


What will happen when iPhone 2.o is released?

  • Girls will take off their tops to get you to take a pic so you will show them your iPhone 2.o.
  • Amazing hacks will be released for spying on your friends via the front facing camera.

(You will be watching the side of a friends/persons face.)

  • Gizmodo will find a way to use the iPhone 2.o for another way to turn off screens during a major tech convention.
  • A website will be launched for virtual video conferencing via Twitter but with your mug talking and no one can shut you up.
  • A new iVibe will be released to have a camera on it
  • Steve Jobs will have another accomplishment bronzed for his shrine
  • Airlines will kick another passenger off a plane durring flight this time even though the new iPhone will be in Airplane mode
  • Random lines will never stop existing at the Apple Cube in NY