Apple releases iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 3

Since I am a registered developer I can not post details but I can say that some non developers have gotten a hold of the OS and posted information.


AT&T calls being dropped in Norther VA

As of 3pm calls with iPhones running 3.0 and 3.1 are dropping like flies. Many of my friends & clients have reported to me that for no apparent reason their calls are being dropped. If you have any other information about this issue please comment.

Apple Updates

Snow-Leopard Confirmed

Exchange support out of the box – push email / contacts / calendars, auto-discovery, global address book, remote wipe.

Movie just played showing enterprise development

Scott Forestell is going deep into firmware 2.0 for the iPhone

Super Monky Ball will be available in App Store for $9.99

Developers talking at WWDC are all stating current projects will be available at the announcement of App Store for the iPhone