You Park Like An Asshole

So my wife was going to a mall to do her thing and she comes across what we in our normal minds refer to as an asshole parker.  You and I both know what these people are like. Usually they park in more than one spot, or over the lines or crooked, but this person went above and beyond.  How can a person go BEYOND the assness of parking in two spots you might ask?  How about they decide they don’t need to obey the white lines and park in the middle of the freaking parking aisle where other cars drive!!!!  Well, my savvy, smart, sneaky wife that she is snapped a couple of shots with her cell phone.

On top of her capturing the pure dipshitness that we ALL HATE, she remembered that we printed out these flyers to put on peoples cars for just this very reason.  (Which we have never actually used because we always forget they’re in the glove box in the car.) I came across a web site that was trying to log events like this to make an example out of the stupidly bad parkers and they had a free flyer you could print out.  Thanks to her quick thinking, she promptly pulled out one of the forms, marked the appropriate box and stuck it on the windshield.

Her only regret was that she wasn’t there to see the driver’s reaction to their parking citation!!!!

PLEASE if you agree with the sentiments of my wife, do us all a favor and spread the word of and print your own forms and keep plenty handy.  Together we can make a difference and correct this outrageous problem facing out society today!

And if you know of any other sites like this please leave the linkage in the comments.

Jack Ass Parking

The You Park Like An Asshole Flyer

Justice has been served!