Quest For The Perfect Tea

Today my wife and I went to our local grocery store (Wegmans) and decided to get some loose leaf teas.  I followed my nose opening each tin and ended up smelling some tea that smelled like the back end of an elderly person who has no capability to take care of them self.  I did find an enjoyable elegant tea called Earl Grey Premium Blend.  The tea has a smooth, fresh aroma that tickles your nose.

As I sniffed this blend of tea I could not place what was making it smell so good.  Pulling every thought of flavors from my mind, I figured out what made this tea smell so good.  A hint of lemon.  Yes, it was a hint of lemon that made this tea smell just fantastic.  I just wanted to have a glass right then.

Getting home I continued to grab the tea pot and put on a pot of water.  Standing there I just kept smelling this tea.  Not only did it have an excellent lemon scent but it also has a robust earthy smell that creeps up and socks you right in the senses.  As for the perfect tea I am not quite sure it is perfect.  It does leave a slightly bitter taste in your mouth.  I would also suggest putting a dash or two of sugar in to lighten the kick.  I have had 4 cups so far and I think I am going to grab another cup.

This Earl Grey Premium Blend is a Black Tea.

Black Tea is Robust, energizing, higher in caffeine.

The steeping time is anywhere from 4-6 min and at a temperature of 200°-212° F

Benefits of Black Tea:

  • Heart health: black tea can help prevent heart attacks
  • Helps prevent plaque build-up in arteries
  • Increases bone density
  • Oral health: kills bacteria in mouth that can cause cavities
  • Fights bad breath

Other General Benefits:

  • Promotes mental clarity and alertness
  • Stimulates neural activity and improves learning function
  • Provides even, sustained energy and sound rest
  • Much lower caffeine content than coffee
  • Strengthens immune system and has anti-stress properties
  • Cleansing, detoxifying and longevity promoting

These benefits are seen when tea is added as a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the tea so you can see the fine quality that Wegmans provides.


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