Emergency Patches for IE

Microsoft has issued patches today for Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.

The flaws in Internet Explorer running on XP, Vista, and 2000 are rated as critical while computer with Windows Server operating systems have a rating of moderate.

Users are advised to patch their machines as soon as possible.

Vulnerable ActiveX controls triggered the IE flaws. The flaws let an attcker run a command or download malware on a vulnerable PC when a user view a malicious webpage.

Source: PCWorld


Robert Scoble Joins Revision3

The ScobleizerRobert Scoble announced that he will be joining the Revision3 media network. While he presented at a New York Media Bistro event, Robert announced that his presence is going to be seen on the Internets most famous show providing network Revision3 which was founded by Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson. Robert is best known for his work as a tech evangelist at Microsoft.  During his tenure at Microsoft Robert created a blog called Scobleizer.com which took off like wild fire.

It seems that Robert is not just a blogger but a very active reporter in the tech industry.  He is everywhere and not only does he put up a blog about his daily endeavor but he also uses twitter.com to post what I call TWOG (Twitter Blogging). His information is %99 spot on and not only is he informative but he is funny which makes his writing even more enjoyable.

Here is his speech from Media Bistro